Milestone helped us transform our business and create value through a cross-border build-up plan. They were energetic and insightful partners at every step.Olivier Bédat, CEO
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Leading French retailers in textile care services, 5àSec wanted to build up the business and start to leverage the master franchisee network.

Milestone helped 5àSec develop a 5 year business plan with growth achieved via a build-up involving selected acquisitions and a low level of debt.

Over five years Group revenue rose 6-fold and EBITDA rose 10-fold. The buy and build strategy transformed the Group from a pure franchised network to a hybrid / corporate / franchisee operator with over 1,600 shops in 22 countries.

Milestone assisted management by contributing to the business plan, the strategy, sourcing and negotiating suitable bolt-ons and strengthening the management team, whilst helping instill a bigger, more efficient business culture. Management shared in the value creation when the business was sold to a financial buyer who has successfully followed the same strategy.

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