Investment Strategy at a glance

  • Focus on buy and build
  • Invest in sound companies €10-100m EV with €2m+ EBITDA
  • Ring-fenced equity injection priced up front
  • Pre-agreed value creation plan
  • Majority equity position
  • Low financial leverage
  • Strong pro-active board members
  • Fair and open partnership with management

Tried and Tested

Milestone’s core investment strategy is the development of well run, well positioned businesses where buy and build or a roll out plan is used to drive growth and strong cash generation without saddling companies with high debt.

As majority equity investors, we are active and committed board members who provide operational as well as financial insights designed to deliver a value creation plan with mutually agreed business objectives. We do not however micro-manage and leave the day-to-day running of the business to the experts……the management team.

We are happy to ring-fence some additional capital in order for management to execute their business plans. Uniquely, we will price this upfront so that there is no unknown dilution when management seek to make acquisitions or further investments. Growth in overseas markets is core to Milestone’s expertise. Being a truly multi-cultural private equity house, that views Europe as ‘one market’, we can use our experiences and contacts to help UK businesses expand into France and Continental Europe or vice versa.

Whilst Milestone’s mission is to make money for its investors, we remain responsive, considerate and responsible investment managers. How we create and realise value, is as important to us as how we work with management to form a long term relationship.